A JRMC Family Medical and Dental Assistant examining a dental x-ray.

Dental Services at JRMC Family Medical and Dental Center

JRMC Dental Health Care program is Central New Jersey’s best resource for dental and oral health needs. JRMC Family Medical and Dental Center offers Primary Dental Care that includes regular dental exams, dental cleanings, and dental fillings for patients of all ages. 

  • Non-Molar Root Canal
  • Referrals for Surgical Care and Complex Diagnostic Testing
  • Crowns, Dentures & Replacements
  • Fluoride Treatments
  • Gum Disease Treatments
  • Simple Extractions
  • Radiographs

Fillings and Cavities

A JRMC Family Medical and Dental Center Dentist preparing to repair a filling in Perth Amboy New Jersey

Dental fillings are used to treat teeth that have cavities or decay. They can also be used to repair injured teeth that have fractures.

When a patient contacts JRMC Family Medical and Dental Center because of a toothache, the very first thing the JRMC dentist checks for cavities and cracks. JRMC dentists do this by examining the tooth visually and with the use of X-rays. If the JRMC dentist finds that the tooth needs to be filled, they fix the tooth.

After numbing the area, the JRMC dentist will remove any decayed dental tissue in the inner tooth. They will then clean out the tooth with water before sealing the tooth with a dental filling.

Because small dental cavities and mild tooth decay are found in the teeth of a large majority of Americans, dental fillings are the most performed dental procedure.

Simple Tooth Extractions

When a decayed tooth is too far gone to be saved, A JRMC dentist may extract it. When an impacted tooth tries to push past the gum and fails, the JRMC dentist removes it. The JRMC dentist may also remove a troublesome and painful wisdom tooth that will not make up its mind if it wants to grow or not.

Dental Crowns, Replacements and Specialty Dental Services

A JRMC Family Medical and Dental Center Dentist preparing to repair a filling in Perth Amboy New Jersey

JRMC Family Medical and Dental Center also offers specialty dental services such as Dental Crowns and Replacements, Dental Fluoride Treatments, Oral Health Gum Disease Treatments, Dental Extractions, Dental X-rays, and Non-Molar Root Canals.

Dental crowns are used to repair teeth that have been badly damaged by decay or injury. As a dental restoration, JRMC dentists can suggest crowns that are a reliable dental procedure and can save damaged teeth from extraction. They may also be used to correct cosmetic imperfections.

Usually, it takes two JRMC dentist appointments to complete the procedure, because most crowns have to be made in a dental laboratory.  JRMC dentists may be able to make the crowns themselves, however, and that makes it possible for a patient to get a dental crown placed in a single day.  Crowns restore teeth by covering them completely, which protects them from further infection or damage.

Dental Referrals

JRMC Family Medical and Dental Center also provides referrals for Dental Surgical Care and Complex Dental Diagnostic Testing.

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Central New Jersey dental patients rely on JRMC Family Medical and Dental Center as their trusted center for oral health and dental treatment.

Oral Health and Dental Care are a priority JRMC Family Medical and Dental Center. Our caring and professional staff is dedicated to helping you with your dental needs.

Thanks to JRMC Family Medical and Dental staff, having your teeth fixed is a pain-free process. Whatever your dental problem is, your JRMC dentist will work with you to determine the best procedure for your dental care.

Prevention of cavities is another priority of the JRMC Family Medical and Dental staff. Contact JRMC Family Medical and Dental Center today for your appointment and do everything you can to protect your smile.

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