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Nutritionist Blog – Picky Eaters

Picky eaters at home? Don’t give up! Here are some tips to help your child increase acceptance of new foods this holiday season:

Constant exposure to new foods is the key to getting your child or even adult to develop his or her palette 

Try serving one new food with safe foods which are familiar and that they already love

Involve the child in choosing a new food when shopping for groceries. Take a look around especially at the veggies and fruits section first!

Try as much as possible to eat together as a family. This allows each member to feel included and see that trying that new weird food wasn’t so bad after all! 

Encourage the child to pick a condiment they would like to add to the new food so that it tastes more familiar

Don’t give up if they don’t like it the way you prepared the food the first time. There are other ways the child may like it better. Was it boiled? Roast it. Was it cut in into strips? Make it into the shape of a heart.

During the holiday season, we prepare more meals and eat more together as a family. What better time than now to prepare that new dish you were thinking about but were hesitant because of a picky eater!



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