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Nutritionist Blog – Winter Wellness

Now that that the weather is becoming colder, we are forced to stay inside more. This doesn’t mean that exercise needs to stop as well, such as taking our daily strolls. Instead, try to do exercise indoors. Nowadays many of us have a television with YouTube. Instead of watching a show, search for exercise on YouTube such as Pop sugar fitness. All videos posted are free and can be completed at various times from 5 min to an hour’s workout!


Speak to your doctor first before starting any exercise 

Always start slow. Even starting five minutes a day is great and through consistency, you will build tolerance and be able to increase gradually to 45 min/day

Eat a small balanced snack half-hour before containing carbohydrate, such as an apple with nut butter as well as a small carb snack after a workout to replenish glycogen stores lost in muscle- we don’t want to lose muscle – only fat!

Stay hydrated by drinking water!



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