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Perth Amboy Councilman Praises JRMC Efforts During COVID-19 Pandemic

Perth Amboy Councilman Praises JRMC Efforts During COVID-19 Pandemic
Perth Amboy Councilman Praises JRMC Efforts During COVID-19 Pandemic

Perth Amboy, NJ: On Tuesday, April 14th, Perth Amboy Council President, William A. Petrick visited the JRMC at 275 Hobart Street to support the efforts of the medical center.  For weeks, the JRMC staff has worked tirelessly to screen and test patients who exhibit symptoms of COVID-19. Councilman Petrick arrived with lunch meals for the JRMC staff to show his appreciation for their dedication and hard work.

“The JRMC is the only facility in the City of Perth Amboy that is actively testing our residents. Their commitment to the health and wellbeing of the community is to be applauded as they continue to schedule appointments for COVID-19 testing, as well as attending to the numerous other healthcare needs of their patients,” said Councilman Petrick.

The visit to the JRMC was prompted by a phone call from Petrick to Thomas Hudanish, the JRMC’s Chairman of the Board of Directors. Councilman Petrick wanted to see the process first- hand, and Mr. Hudanish demonstrated the emergency measures that JRMC is taking in order to accommodate the growing need for testing and monitoring of patients.

JRMC CEO, John T. O’Leary and the JRMC staff have answered the need for more space, and more testing by erecting a medical tent in the parking lot of the medical center. He also redirected the services of two mobile medical vans to be used for additional testing rooms. “The tent was divided into 11 separate exam rooms; more testing kits are on their way, and the staff is working every day with a packed schedule of appointments. To date, we had over 1,000 appointments and will continue to screen, test, and monitor patients for as long as necessary” said O’Leary. He added, “the number of positive cases in Perth Amboy and surrounding communities, can be attributed to the fact that we are testing. We are identifying who has the virus and providing them with instructions on how to keep their family members safe and healthy. Patients are monitored after testing and their progress is followed via telemedicine.”

O’Leary also said, “the JRMC is the recipient of a major grant through HRSA, specifically dedicated to COVID-19 response, that will allow us to construct an eight-room, infectious disease negative pressure suite for the residents of Perth Amboy and surrounding communities who need access to medical testing and treatment, while being kept separate from the general population.”

Currently, there are over 400 patients under JRMC’s care for COVID-19.

Anyone who is exhibiting the symptoms of COVID-19, can and should be tested. Information on how to know if you should be tested is listed on the JRMC’s website, www.jrmc.us.

For information on how to schedule an appointment for testing, and other helpful facts, visit www.jrmc.us



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